About Orbis

OrbisIn 1950, the newly formed company rented in office at Menelik square. The company was called Orbis Trading & Technical Center . In 1950, industrial and commercial vehicles, agricultural and industrial machinery were hardly in demand. The number of cars in Addis Ababa was just a few thousands and a new company dealing with these products seemed an ill-advised business.

But the founders of Orbis Company were forward-looking. They felt the country like Ethiopia with enormous potential resources was inevitably going to develop.

The small offices at Menelik square became inadequate and Orbis moved to Mexico square in 1962, where car service was added to its activities.

It was necessary to engage new personnel and to open a branch in Asmara, where Orbis products were in growing demand. And It was a private Company whose shares were sold in Germany.

Since the beginning till now Orbis sales two model vehicles, Mercedes-Benz and Renault. In addition it sales different machinery , spare parts and give maintenance service with different departments which gives different services. The company’s main job lies in selling different vehicles, machinery and spare parts to customers, and in order to do this, the company has created a web with different suppliers in the world starting from Germany, France, Brazil,Cairo…etc. As well to contact and do business with the different suppliers and different departments have taken these responsibilities.

Attempt to look at the experience of the Organization in providing service and proper handling of its customers . Hope that the workshop and the technical program of Orbis will contribute substantially to the economic development of the country, through improved technical services.
Orbis Trading and Technical Center Share Company offer good customer handling to satisfy demands of customers and make available order at the accurate time as far as the situation, give sales and maintenance service to customers on new technology, comfort, satisfaction by using the company’s product.

Mercedes Benz Service


Renault Service