Some of Our Bosch Parts

  • Driving Bulbs

    Bosch Automotive Lighting satisfy the highest standards and offers the right product for every application. With outstanding light output and whiteness, the automotive bulbs range ensure superior illumination of the road. The extensive lighting range includes head lamps, stop & tail lamps, conventional i2 bulbs, miniature bulbs and head lamp assemblies.
  • Air Filters

    Impurities in the air taken in or in the fuel cause the engine components to wear prematurely. A clogged air filter prevents sufficient air supply to the combustion chamber. This results in the fuel not being optimally combusted, leading to engine failure. Bosch air filters filter even the smallest particles out of the air taken in.
  • Bosch Platinum Plus

    Bosch Platinum Plus: An exclusive Platinum centre electrode builds the heart of every Bosch Platinum plus spark plug. Combined with a heavy duty tapered, yttrium-enhanced ground electrode, this spark plug calls for quicker starts, smoother acceleration and maximum durability.It can provides quicker starts and smoother acceleration.
  • Bosch Glow Plugs

    They are introduced in the pre-combustion chamber in such a way that when heated the glow plug comes into contact with the cold fuel-air mixture pumped by the fuel injection system, enabling the cold engine to achieve compression ignition. Nickel coating in the plug makes them resistant to corrosion and thus increasing life of the plugs
  • Bosch S3 Batteries

    Economy range for standard performance equipmentBosch S3 batteries are designed to provide standard and consistent performance in most passenger cars and tractors, with very little or no maintenance.Benefits: Economical,Maintenance Free BatteriesDesigned for Standard Performance,Low on Maintenance.
  • Wrapped Belts

    Wrapped belts are engineered for excellent flexibility and less heat build up, to thus result in longer life and superior operational efficiency. The heat-stretched polyester cord gives minimum stretch and maximum power transfer. Impregnated with heat and oil resistant rubber compounds, highly flexible, corrosion and abrasion resistant.

Bosch Auto Parts

00248d25 mediumOur ESI-tronic bosch parts software with additional of electronic parts catalogue system (EPC) has enabled our salesmen to identify part numbers easily and accurately. This computerized sales and inventory control system has helped increase productivity and efficiency of staff. 



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